Sammy-Gate in “Variety”

Our friends from Slamdance Film Festival gave us a little shout in Variety!

“Sammy-Gate,” from director Noel Lawrence, who co-wrote the script with Darius James, is a dark satire of psychedelic history, revolving around the unique relationship between Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Nixon. It questions whether the entertainer had anything to do with Watergate. The film, which will world premiere at the 2020 Rotterdam Film Festival, was a true Slamdance community collaboration, as Baxter served as
an executive producer.

‘”Sammy-Gate’ is an example of how Slamdance’s ‘by filmmakers for filmmakers’ ethos continues to work year­ round,” Baxter says. “Though film culture tends to focus on the director, filmmaking is a collective effort. It espe­ cially matters on a microbudget project without commer­ cial or institutional support, essentially being forged into existence through sheer willpower and creative labor.”

Full article below: 

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